A Balancing Act

A History of the Legal Resources Foundation in Zimbabwe (1985 – 2015)

Mary Ndlovu



A Balancing Act examines the impulse, growth and development of an NGO, which has steadfastly sought to bring law to the people of Zimbabwe over three turbulent decades. Through a study of its outreach, publication, advocacy and education programmes, the author Mary Ndlovu implicitly explores the social, economic and political framework of society and the state that determined the LRF’s trajectory.


The LFR has truly walked the talk and become a shining beacon in an environment that is more polarized than ever before as a direct result of politically induced and retrogressive socio-economic policies which the beleagured Zimbabweans have had to endure during the last 36 years. – Muchadeyi Ashton Masunda


Mary Ndlovu was born and grew up in Canada. She went to a newly independent Zambia to work in 1966 and has spent most of her life since then in Zambia and Zimbabwe. She was married to the late politician Edward Ndlovu.