A Dictionary of Chimurenga War Names

Charles Pfukwa


Onomastician Charles Pfukwa has produced an original and refreshing piece of research to emerge from the arena of southern Africa names studies. The book presents a classification of a corpus of names that were coined by individual members of the guerrilla forces who fought in the Chimurenga, the long and bitter war of liberation in which Zimbabwe's black majority population struggled to gain political independence from white minority rule under what was then the Rhodesian government. A Dictionary of Chimurenga War Names is presented as a cultural than conventional dictionary in so far as it focuses on associative meanings of the names rather than their phonological and morphological features.


A Dictionary of Chimurenga War Names by Charles Pfukwa is one of my prize possessions. Pfukwa is a Chimurenga War polymath whose encyclopedic knowledge of the liberation struggle is unquestionable.


Charles Pfukwa is currently the editor of The Patriot.