A History of Zimbabwe

Alois S. Mlambo



There is currently no single-volume history of Zimbabwe that provides detailed coverage of the country's experience from pre-colonial times to the present. This book examines Zimbabwe's precolonial, colonial and post-colonial social, economic and political history and relates historical factors and trends to more recent developments in the country. Zimbabwe is a country with a rich history, dating from the early San hunter-gatherer societies.


This volume, written by one of Southern Africa's premier historians, admirably fills the long-felt need for an accessible yet comprehensive synthesis of the disparate historiographies of precolonial, colonial, nationalist and independent Zimbabwe. - Teresa Barnes, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Professor Alois S. Mlambo works in the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies, University of Pretoria, and has written extensively on Zimbabwe’s social and economic history.