A History of Zimbabwe, 1890-2000

& Postscript, Zimbabwe, 2001-2008

Chengetai J. M. Zvobgo



This study combines in one volume the history of Zimbabwe from the advent of British settlers in 1890 to 2000, including women's rights and human rights in Zimbabwe. It is a political, social and economic history. The Postscript examines the major developments in Zimbabwe from 2001 to 2008. The two previous major studies on the history of Zimbabwe, The Past Is Another Country by Martin Meredith (London, Andre Deutsch, 1979) and The Road to Zimbabwe, 1890-1980 by Anthony Verrier (London, Jonathan Cape, 1986) are now out of date. This volume brings the historical study of Zimbabwe almost up to the present day.


....the book contains an extensive bibliography, which reveals the use Zvobgo has made particularly of Government documents and the publications of non-governmental organisations and international organisations such as the UN . - John Pinfold


Dr. Chengetai J. M. Zvobgo, formerly Associate Professor of History at the University of Zimbabwe and currently a Visiting Research Scholar at the Claremont Colleges in California.