A School in Africa

Peterhouse. Education in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe1955-2005

Alan Megahey



When Peterhouse School opened in 1955, the British Empire in Africa was still intact and the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland had just come into being. It was a boarding school founded on the British model, but with the intention that it would 'adapt all that is best in the Public School tradition to African conditions'. The story of Peterhouse is not only about work and sport, music and drama, chapel and syllabus changes. It is set in the context of educational development and political changes in Zimbabwe.


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Alan Megahey has been associated with Peterhouse for almost half its history. Having taught in the independent sector in Britain, he ran the school for ten years, and retains close links with it. He read History at Selwyn College, Cambridge, UK and was ordained in 1971. He was Rector of Peterhouse from 1984 to 1994.