Achebe, Head, Marechera

On Power and Change in Africa

Annie Gagiano


Book not available in Zimbabwe.


Concentrating on issues of power and change, Annie Gagiano's close reading of literary texts by Chinua Achebe, Bessie Head and Dambudzo Marechera teases out each author's view of how colonialism affected Africa, the contribution of Africans to their own malaise, and above all, the creative, pragmatic role of many Africans during the colonial and postcolonial periods. Gagiano contends that Achebe, Head, and Marechera play an important role in the necessary reconceptualisation by Africans themselves and their place in the global system.


[Gagiano] has carefully dissected the literary works of these three great African writers so that the rest of us may now go beyond wherever we were before we read her book. This is a worthwhile critical study that does not get bogged down in theoretically informed arguments.


Annie Gagiano lectures in English at the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa).