Africa, Football and FIFA

Politics, Colonialism and Resistance

Paul Darby



This book explores the role of FIFA in brokering the development of football in Africa and its relationship with that continent's football associations and regional governing body. Africa is no longer on the periphery of world football but the economic disparities between the first and the third worlds hinder the development of the game. The author shows convincingly how Africa's advance within world football is tied to its national political economy and how the balance of power within FIFA still clearly favours its European members.


It is rare for a European to take the time and do the hard work that is inevitably required to be able to understand African football in its true perspective. However, Paul Darby's book ... is one of the rare few that can be said to do the subject justice. - Four Four Two


Dr Paul Darby is Reader in Sport & Exercise Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Institute at Ulster University.