African Football, Identity Politics and Global Media Narratives

The Legacy of the FIFA 2010 World Cup

Nhamo A. Mhiripiri & Tendai Chari



This edited volume addresses key debates around African football, identity construction, fan cultures, and both African and global media narratives. Using the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa as a lens, it explores how football in Africa is intimately bound up with deeper social, cultural and political currents.


[The book] affords the reader an opportunity to view the negotiation and contestation of social identities, national identity and nationalism during the World Cup period, not only in South Africa but in Africa in general. - Lyton Ncube, African Journalism Studies


Nhamo Anthony Mhiripiri is an Associate Professor of Media and Society Studies at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe.

Tendai Chari teaches at the University of Venda, South Africa.