African Police and Soldiers in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1923-80

Timothy Stapleton



Making use of archival documents, period newspapers, and oral interviews, African Police and Soldiers in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1923-80 examines the ambiguous experience of black security personnel, police, and soldiers in white-ruled Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) from 1923 through independence and majority rule in 1980. Across the continent, European colonial rule could not have been maintained without African participation in the police and army. In Southern Rhodesia, lack of white manpower meant that despite fear of mutiny, blacks played an increasingly prominent role in law enforcement and military operations and from World War II constituted a strong majority within the regular security forces.


This book will certainly contribute to the growing historical focus on the phenomenon of African loyalism in colonial Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. - African Affairs


Timothy Stapleton is Professor of History at Trent University in Ontario.