Against the Grain

Memoirs of a Zimbabwean Newsman

Geoffrey Nyarota



Geoffrey Nyarota was the editor of the Daily News, Zimbabwe’s only independent newspaper, for four years. In this time, he chronicled the decline of the country under Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF-controlled regime. As a young man, Nyarota fervently believed that his children would know the freedom of democracy that he himself had been denied in colonial Rhodesia before Mugabe became independent Zimbabwe’s first head of state in 1980. He was disappointed.


You may never have heard of Geoffrey Nyarota, but, a world away in Zimbabwe, many consider him a contemporary folk hero. Don’t let the subtitle of Nyarota’s book put you off. There’s not a speck of self-indulgence, no hyperbole, no sensationalism. Nyarota’s real subject is not himself, but Zimbabwe. - Jane Smith, Chronogram


Geoffrey Nyarota is an award-winning Zimbabwean journalist and human rights activist. He trained as a teacher before switching to journalism.