All Come to Dust

Bryony Rheam


  • amaBooks
  • Bulawayo
  • 2020
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 474 pages


The novel follows Chief Inspector Edmund Dube as he investigates the suspicious death of Marcia Pullman. As the investigation unfolds so does the story of Dube's life from his early years as he begins to put the pieces together why the Scottish couple, for whom his mother worked, left the country in a hurry and Dube with an abiding sense of abandonment.


The beauty of All Come To Dust is its refusal to be called one thing. It's complicated, just like life. We follow flawed, authentic characters as they navigate their changing world and acknowledge that the past, buried or not, always nips on the present's heels. - Yejide Kilanko


Bryony Rheam is a part-time English teacher and a former lecturer at the University of London’s External Degree Program in Singapore.