All For Nothing?

My Life Remembered

C. G. Tracey



C.G. Tracey became a farmer at sixteen following the beginning of the Second World War. Entrepreneur, businessman, plant-breeder, racehorse-owner and breeder, sanctions-buster, chairman and director of many companies, husband, father and gentleman, C.G. was active and involved through the many unsettled years of Zimbabwe’s history: the Federation and its demise, Ian Smith’s UDI, international sanctions, the war of liberation, and the search to put the country on a sound footing after Zimbabwean independence in 1980.


[Tracey's] career is remarkable if not unique in its diversity and the many sidelights that it throws on the history of this country make it an important document. When a more balanced view of our history comes to be made, these memoirs will become a much quoted source. - Prof Ray Roberts, University of Zimbabwe


C. G. Tracey was a leading racehorse owner and breeder and businessman from Zimbabwe. He died at the age of 86 in 2009.