Amelia's Inheritance



On the day she is born, Alana Pennyfarthing is left at the doorstep of an orphanage with a written note: "This child is no longer wanted..." It takes the love of Sisi, a servant girl employed at the orphanage, to erase the rejection and raise Alana. Years later she marries Wilhelm Gruber, a German immigrant, who amasses wealth in the Rhodesian coal mines. Alana re-employs Sisi to raise her three daughters and life could not be better. However, unforeseen tragedy hits the Gruber family. Alana's eldest daughter Amelia, an underachieving recluse, is left to fend for herself. Without an inheritance, Amelia has to secure employment for survival and to support Sisi, the closest to family she has left. She struggles; however, providence see's her secure employment at the household of the wealthy landowner, Maxwell Stern. Amelia has no idea that the shocking details of her families past lie behind the walls of the Stern mansion. What she discovers may be too hard to bear.


This story comes closer, than any other, to the complexity and ugliness of racism in all formerly colonised spaces. - Memory Chirere


Unknown author.