An Autobiography

Phinias Mogorosi Makhurane

Phinias Mogorosi Makhurane



Professor Phinias Mogorosi Makhurane was born in Gwanda, Zimbabwe. In school he was known as Double Brain. His life is a catalogue of firsts, being one of the first two Africans to major in Physics and Mathematics at the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland; one of the few students to complete both MSC and PhD in Solid State Physics within a period of thirty-nine months, and the first black Zimbabwean to acquire a PhD in the Sciences as well as the second black PhD graduand in Zimbabwe.


[Makhurane] is truly an impressive man who combines academic excellence with an unshakable commitment to promoting the welfare of his fellow human beings, dedication to duty, and a degree of humility that is both refreshing and inspiring. He represents the best qualities of Zimbabwean society. – Prof Alois S. Mlambo


Prof Phineas Makhurane is an academic and chairman of the Zimbabwe National Council for Higher Education.