The book is out of print.


Ancestors is an attempt to understand memories, to come to terms with spiritual drought and cultural hunger, and to find new ways of representing the Zimbabwean situation while incorporating Shona traditions and giving voice to women. The ambitious novel is pervaded by a sense of loss, disruption, migration, and bereavement; it illustrates the problems encountered in attempting to establish links with new circumstances and environments.


The writing is controlled, but rarely grabs or holds the attention. In due course, academics will write profoundly of the novel's links with inherited forms, of its concern with women finding voices, and of its manipulation of several narratives; but I tired of the shifts, wearied of the elegiac and apocalyptic. - James Gibbs, World Literature Today


Chenjerai Hove was a Zimbabwean poet, novelist and essayist who wrote in both English and Shona.