As Black As Resistance

Finding the Conditions for Liberation

William C. Anderson & Zoe Norridge


  • AK Press
  • California
  • 2018
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 180 pages


This book makes the case for a new program of self-defense and transformative politics for Black Americans, one rooted in an anarchistic framework that the authors liken to the Black experience itself. This book argues against compromise and negotiation with intolerance. It is a manifesto for everyone who is ready to continue progressing towards liberation.


As Black as Resistance is an urgently needed book . . . a call to action through an embrace of the anarchy of blackness as a recognition and a refusal of the deathly logics of liberalism and consumption. In the face of the ever expanding carceral state, levels of inequality, environmental degradation, and resurgent fascism, this book offers a map to imagining the liberated futures that we can and must and do make. — Christina Sharpe


William C. Anderson is a freelance writer whose work has been published by the Guardian, MTV, Truthout, and Pitchfork, among others.

Dr Zoe Norridge joined King’s College London in September 2012. Prior to King’s she was a Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Literature at the University of York.