Ashes & Fire

Life of Solomon Mujuru

Blessing-Miles Tendi


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  • English



Solomon Mujuru was a key member of Robert Mugabe's ZANU PF party and an eminent guerrilla commander (nom de guerre: Rex Nhongo) in Zimbabwe's liberation war (1971 to 1979). In August 2011, Mujuru died in a mysterious house fire on one of his commercial farms. News of his death captured Zimbabwean and international attention for weeks, as attempts were made to make sense of his significance and to uncover the cause of his demise. The book traces the roots of Mujuru's power and it shifts the focus of debate beyond Mugabe (who is often presented as the key figure in recent Zimbabwean politics and history) by highlighting the importance of Mujuru, who in effect was the power behind Mugabe for long periods. The book will examine Mujuru's moments of triumph and his shortcomings in equal measure.


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Blessing-Miles Tendi is Zimbabwean. He was educated at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. Tendi is a United Kingdom-based researcher in African politics.