Blood, Sweat and Treason: My Story

Henry Olonga


Not available in Zimbabwe.


Henry Olonga tells his story with candour and no little wisdom. Unlike many player autobiographies filled with inanities and self-delusion, this is a wonderfully candid account of a career that promised much but delivered only a handful of highlights reels. Olonga's self-deprecation doesn't ring hollow, and his assessment of many of his peers is clear-eyed without being tinged with malice.


Olonga’s autobiography is the first published by a Zimbabwean (cricket) Test player. It is not, and was never going to be, a standard season by season analysis of a cricketer’s career. In fact this book could have been many things.- Martin Chandler, Cricket Web


Henry Olonga was Zimbabwe’s first ever black cricketer and the youngest ever player to represent his country at international level. He now lives in England and has embarked on careers in music, art, public speaking and cinematography.