Britain and the Politics of Rhodesian Independence

Elaine Windrich


This book is out of print.


This account of the Rhodesian tragic farce brings the story up to late 1977, with the appointment as administrator of Rhodesia of Lord Carver-an appointment from
which he resigned a year later. Dr. Windrich is thorough in her use of documentary sources, particularly British ones, but she has set herself a difficult task in telling the story yet again. It is, of course, more up to date than the others and written with authority.


It may be unfair to reproach Dr. Windrich for not having written a different book. Though it must be said that it sometimes makes a tedious read for the specialist and may not grip the novice, it will, within its chosen limits, adequately inform them and as a clear and comprehensive work of reference it will be indispensable. - Christopher Hill, International Affairs


Elaine Windrich was a political scientist and scholar. She died in 2012.