Building from the Rubble

The Labour Movement in Zimbabwe Since 2000

Brian Raftopoulos & Lloyd Sachikonye



Building from the Rubble is the latest volume to trace the history of Zimbabwe's labour movement, following Keep on Knocking (1997) and Striking Back (2001). Even though it focuses on the period between 2000-2017, the analysis reviews the changes in trade unionism throughout the post-colonial era. For much of this period, the unions faced massive challenges, including state violence and repression, funding limitations, splits, factionalism, and problems of organising at factory level.


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Brian Raftopoulos is a Mellon Senior Research Mentor at the Centre for Humanities Research at the University of the Western Cape and a former Associate Professor of Development Studies at the University of Zimbabwe.

Lloyd Sachikonye is Associate Professor at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Zimbabwe where he has worked as a researcher and lecturer since 1983.