Can We Talk and Other Stories

Shimmer Chinodya



Can We Talk and other stories includes twelve stories, each independent but all loosely connected by theme (alienation in middle-class urban Zimbabwe), by occasionally recurring characters, and by the overall trajectory of personal growth: the protagonist is a small child early on, then an older boy, a young graduate, and so forth, until the final, title story in which the anguished narrator is facing a midlife crisis.


The volume evokes inescapable comparisons to Joyce's Dubliners, not only in its structure of interlaced narratives that trace the development of a writer's consciousness from childhood through adolescence and into maturity, but also in the use of epiphanies, those sudden insights amid quotidian situations. - J. Roger Kurtz, World Literature Today


Shimmer Chinodya is a prolific Zimbabwean writer who was born in 1957 in Gweru. Most of his novels have been prescribed set books in southern Africa.