Cemetery of Mind

Collected Poems of Dambudzo Marechera

Dambudzo Marechera


Book not available in Zimbabwe.


Although perhaps best known as a novelist, many people consider that Marechera's real talent was as a poet. This is the first comprehensive collection of his poetry and contains more than 140 poems, many of which were retrieved after his death and are previously unpublished. The book also includes an interview with Marechera about his work.


To read Cemetery of Mind is to be cast under a spell, to be transported from the physical into the realm of the soul. Marechera's unconventional life immensely enriched his poetry. - Tanure Ojaide, World Literature Today


Dambudzo Marechera was a Zimbabwean novelist and poet. His short career produced a book of stories, two novels, a book of plays, prose, and poetry, and a collection of poetry. He died in 1987.