Prophet of Zimbabwe

Solomon Mutswairo


This book is now out of print.


This historical novel is about Zimbabwe's 19th-century prophet, Chaminuka, a man who sacrificed his life for the cause of peace. It tells a tale of deception and dislocation caused by colonialism. Mutswairo tells a tragic tale about deception and the dislocation caused by the “divide and conquer” strategies of colonialism. But he also offers evidence of the spirit that finally led to the establishment of Zimbabwe as a free and independent nation.


Throughout his writings, Solomon Mutswairo shows an obsession with the Zimbabwean past. His protagonists are mythical and legendary figures as he endeavours to recreate Zimbabwean history. - Journal of Pan African Studies


Solomon Mangwiro Mutswairo was a Zimbabwean novelist and poet. He taught at Howard University in the 1970s, wrote and published the first Shona novel in 1956. He died in 2005.