Chibaya Moyo

The Rhodesian African Rifles : an anthology, 1939-1981



Chibaya Moyo is an anthology of stories and anecdotes from those who served with the masodja, the all-volunteer black soldiers of the Rhodesian African Rifles, a proud African regiment that fought with distinction in two world wars, the Malayan Emergency and the Rhodesian bush war. Chibaya Moyo brings together so many voices with tales of such vastly differing topics that it is by turn fascinating, tragic, humorous, intense, sad and inspirational; above all though it is honest. It is the story of a brotherhood that transcended race and tribe and is a lasting memory and testament to a fine regiment, its soldiers and their actions. Chibaya Moyo is wholly dedicated to raising funds to assist those masodja who still live in Zimbabwe and struggle daily to eke out an existence. They were there when we needed them; let us now be there when they need us.


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