Christian Warfare in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe

The Salvation Army & African Liberation, 1891 - 1991

Norman H. Murdoch



Christian Warfare in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe examines the history of the Salvation Army in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe and its relationships with the state and with the rest of the church. In particular, it examines parallels between events of the first Chimurenga, a rising against European occupation in 1896-97, and the second Chimurenga in the 1970s, the civil war that led to majority rule. At the time of the first, the Salvation Army was barely established in the country; by the second, it was part of the establishment.


[This book] tells a riveting and little-known story of Salvation Army operations in Africa. This is a no-holds-barred account of how William Booth's devotion to his London East End evangelical enterprise led him to be entangled in Cecil Rhodes's dubious scheme of colonization. - Norman Etherington, University of Western Australia


Norman H. Murdoch is Emeritus Professor of History, University of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he taught from 1968 until 2005.