Church and State in Zimbabwe

Ambrose Moyo & Carl F. Hallencreutz



This very extensive collection of papers is a valuable successor to the two volumes Mambo Press published in the 1970s entitled Christianity south of the Zimbabwe. The focus here is on the years immediately before and after the arrival of political independence in 1980, the years of civil war on one side, of Mugabe's ZANU government on the other. All the papers are not equally good and a few could well have been omitted, but the majority of them are full of interest and valuable precisely because they succeed in illustrating the central issue of the relationship of Church and State from such different angles.


All in all this book is most welcome and essential reading both for the religious history of Zimbabwe and for a wider study of the relations between church and state throughout southern Africa. - Adrian Hastings, Journal of Religion in Africa


Bishop Ambrose Moyo is the founder and Executive Director of the Ecumenical Church Leaders Forum.

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