Citizen of Zimbabwe

Conversations with Morgan Tsvangirai

Stephen Chan



Morgan Tsvangirai's appointment as Zimbabwe's Prime Minister in 2009 followed many years' leadership of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trades Unions and the Movement for Democratic Change. How has that experience equipped him for high national office? Does he have the personal, intellectual and political qualities required to be President? In July 2004, as he was awaiting the verdict in his treason trial, Tsvangirai spent several days in conversation with Stephen Chan. Chan was concerned to find out if Tsvangirai was more than 'merely a charismatic leader of the opposition'; if he had 'his own intellectual agenda [and] political philosophy'.


Released to the Zimbabwean public as an underground publication prior to the March 2005 parliamentary elections, this portrait is all the more compelling and poignant for the assaults that the MDC and its leader have endured since. - Jacqueline Lloyd, Journal of Southern African Studies


Stephen Chan, OBE, is a professor of international relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies.