Cold War in Southern Africa

White Power, Black Liberation

Sue Onslow



This edited volume examines the complexities of the Cold War in Southern Africa and uses a range of archives to develop a more detailed understanding of the impact of the Cold War environment upon the processes of political change. This volume brings together a series of essays by leading scholars based on a wide range of sources in the United States, Russia, Cuba, Britain, Zambia and South Africa. By focussing on a range of independent actors, these essays highlight the complexity of the conflict in Southern Africa: a battle of power blocs, of systems and ideas, which intersected with notions and practices of race and class


A welcome addition to the burgeoning historiography on the Cold War in the region is Sue Onslow’s edited collection Cold War in Southern Africa: White Power, Black Liberation. The book is split into two themes with chapters covering white nationalist power and its projection onto neighbouring states, and African liberation struggles against these regimes. - Matthew Graham


Dr Sue Onslow is Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies in the School of Advanced Studies, University of London.