Confessions of a Racist

A Call for Restoration and Reconciliation

Tororiro Isaac Chaza


  • Unknown publisher
  • Unknown city
  • Unknown year
  • English


The book will appeal to the few who dare to make a difference in fashioning racial and cultural harmony regardless of country or continent. It takes guts to write a book on racism. It takes even more guts to confess to having been a racist in return when Tororiro, the author, is a black African born in racially segregated former Southern Rhodesia. Tororiro reveals rare wisdom and sensitivity in artfully presenting a solemn yet witty and uplifting tale of overcoming hurt and hatred despite years of affliction as a victim of racism.


Tororiro satirically intertwines his own story with Rhodesia’s and subsequently Zimbabwe’s history, even asserting that his tormentors were also in torment and therefore requiring forgiveness and healing.


Tororiro Isaac Chaza is a Zimbabwean.