Continental Shift

A Journey into Africa's Changing Fortunes

Kevin Bloom & Richard Poplak


Book not available in Zimbabwe.


South African journalists Richard Poplak and Kevin Bloom share discoveries from their 9-year roadtrip through the paradoxical continent they call home. From pillaged mines in Zimbabwe to the creation of an economic marketplace in Ethiopia; from Namibia's middle class to the technological challenges facing Nollywood in the 21st Century; from China's investment in Botswana to the rush for resources in the Congo; and from the birth of Africa's newest country, South Sudan, to the worsening conflict in CAR, here are eight adventures on the trail of a new Africa.


Continental Shift is an entertaining and stimulating recounting of the authors’ experience of traveling thousands of kilometers and wading through academic books, historical documents, policy documents and news articles. - Africa is a Country


Kevin Bloom is a South African writer, journalist, editor, personal trainer (bookbuilding). He is an Honorary Writing Fellow at the University of Iowa.

Richard Poplak was born and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. He trained as a filmmaker and fine artist at Montreal's Concordia University.