Crisis in Rhodesia

Nathan Shamuyarira


The book is out of print.


In this book Nathan Shamuyarira uses his personal experiences as a journalist to illustrate the wide spectrum of problems that have bedevilled Southern Rhodesia recently. By drawing heavily on the information that came to him as the editor of The African Daily News, he is able to give a fine reportorial account of the complicated events and crises that have plagued that part of Africa.


[Shamuyarira] is a journalist and nationalist politician. The journalist hunted out the facts for his book, but the politician wrote it. He is incapable of detachment. - J. J. B. Somerville, International Affairs


Nathan Shamuyarira was a Zimbabwean nationalist who at different times fought on behalf of and helped lead FROLIZI, ZANU, and ZAPU. He later served as the Information Minister of Zimbabwe.