Dambudzo Marechera

A Source Book on His Life and Work

Flora Veit-Wild


Book not available in Zimbabwe.


Years after his death, Dambudzo Marechera is still one of the most exciting and subversive writers Africa has produced. A cult hero for young Zimbabweans and a thorn in the flesh of officialdom, Marechera continues to inspire and disturb. The book resounds with Marechera’s own voice. It begins with a fascinating interview in which, with characteristic wit and honesty, he discusses his background and work. Subsequent chapters chronicle the major periods of his life.


In this documentary reader, Flora Veit-Wild offers a multifaceted portrait of a man whose life was as tortured as his fiction. - Thomas O'Toole, Africa Today


Flora Veit-Wild is Professor of African Literatures and Cultures at Humboldt University, Berlin.