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The Story of Geoffrey Bizeni Mkwanazi of the Assemblies of God Church

Pathisa Nyathi



This is a riveting account of Rev Geoffrey Bizeni Mkwanazi of the Assemblies of God Church, an integral part of the wider Pentecostal movement in southern Africa. Born into a Nguni family in the then Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Rev Mkwanazi attended schools in Zimbabwe before entering the world of work. Having picked up a few bad habits and corruptible tendencies, he, under a false identity, sneaked out of Zimbabwe into South Africa where he worked, got jailed and while in prison, found the Lord.


The powerful truth of this book is how it unravels with a clinical incisiveness, religion, its foibles and its redeeming quality. As a literary work, Nyathi uses words in a potent way to evoke his historian and teacher’s instinct. - Admire Kudita, The Financial Gazette


Pathisa Nyathi is a published poet, playwright, historian and biographer based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.