Dirty War

Rhodesia and Chemical Biological Warfare 1975-1980

Glenn Cross



Dirty War is the first comprehensive look at the Rhodesia’s top secret use of chemical and biological weapons (CBW) during their long counterinsurgency against native African nationalists. Having declared its independence from Great Britain in 1965, the government―made up of European settlers and their descendants―almost immediately faced a growing threat from native African nationalists. In the midst of this long and terrible conflict, Rhodesia resorted to chemical and biological weapons against an elusive guerrilla adversary. A small team made up of a few scientists and their students at a remote Rhodesian fort to produce lethal agents for use.


The book is superbly researched and referenced, but there are a lot of holes in the story. The people who knew about this campaign are not speaking or dead. Author Cross mentions numerous articles, quotes from books, biographies, and some actual statements by participants. - Herb Friedman


Dr. Glenn Cross currently works for the US Government on WMD issues. Since the early 1990s, he has worked on biological weapons (BW) issues for several U.S. intelligence agencies.