Displacement, elimination and replacement of indigenous people

Putting into perspective land ownership and ancestry in decolonizing contemporary Zimbabwe

Jairos Kangira



Colonial scholars have taken immense pleasure in portraying Africans as possessed by spirits but as lacking possession and ownership of their resources, including land. Erroneously deemed to be thoroughly spiritually possessed but lacking senses of material possession and ownership of resources, Africans have been consistently dispossessed and displaced from the era of enslavement, through colonialism, to the neocolonial era. Delving into the historiography of dispossession and displacement on the continent of Africa, and in particular in Zimbabwe, this book also tackles contemporary forms of dispossession and displacement manifesting in the ongoing transnational corporations land grabs in Africa, wherein African peasants continue to be dispossessed and displaced.


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Jairos Kangira is Associate Professor of English and Head of the Department of Language and Literature Studies at the University of Namibia.