Doctors and the State

The Struggle for Professional Control in Zimbabwe

Dorothy Mutizwa-Mangiza


  • Ashgate
  • Farnham
  • 1999
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 270 pages


In recent years the medical profession in Zimbabwe has been under public scrutiny stemming from a series of doctors' strikes, a high profile malpractice case, and public outcry over the amount of time government-employed physicians spend on their private, paying patients. With this new volume, Dorothy Mutizwa-Mangiza explains the roots of the current professional crisis, and analyses the underlying tensions between the medical profession and the government.


Although a considerable literature exists that maps and analyses the rise and consolidation of professional medicine in the United States and Europe, there is a dearth of comparable work exploring such issues in post-colonial African states. In Doctors and the State, Mutizwa-Mangiza explicitly sets out to fill this gap in our current knowledge, and in the end does much more. - Julie Livingston, Journal of Southern African Studies


Dorothy Mutizwa-Mangiza received her PhD from University of Warwick.