Don't Cry For Me

Ezekiel S. K. Hleza



The Rhodesian response to the downing of Viscount Hunyani on 03 September, 1978 with a SAM7 missile is a massive air and ground attack on ZAPU and ZPRA camps deep inside Zambia. The operation code named Green Leader' begins on 19 October, 1978, with the operations commander taking over the Zambian airspace and holding the Zambian airforce on the ground for a better part of the day while the freedom camp is turned into hellfire by bombers and helicopter gunships. Following shortly after is the air and ground assault on Mkushi, Jane the brigade commander is captured and ordered at gunpoint to call the parade. She obliges but when the unarmed women trainees troop into the Rhodesian trap, she barks her last command that they should flee because she had been captured. She is killed instantly and the parade square is turned into a blazing inferno of bombs and machine gunfire.


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Ezekiel Hleza was born at Kafusi in Kezi and grew up in his home village of Madipuduhudu in Gwanda. He teaches at Tshelanyemba High School in Kezi.