Memories of a Freedom Fighter

Wilfred Mhanda



By late 1975, in the détente that followed the coup in Portugal, the guerilla war in Rhodesia was almost at a standstill. But so were the talks about a negotiated settlement. In January 1976, frustrated with the failure of the politicians to make progress, the Zimbabwe People's Army (ZIPA) resumed the war. ZIPA brought together fighters from both of the guerilla forces, ZANLA and ZIPRA. One of its commanders was Wilfred Mhanda, known more famously during the liberation struggle as Dzinashe 'Dzino' Machingura. His story tells of Zipa's bold attempt to provide a more unified, radical and focussed leadership for the struggle at a time of the assassination and arrest of key nationalist leaders, intense nationalist party rivalries, and a range of imperialist interventions in the region.


The Dzino story is the most fascinating written narration of Zimbabwe's liberation struggle that has ever been ventilated by a freedom fighter from within. - Joshua Mpofu, Journal of Contemporary African Studies


Wilfred Mhanda whose nom de guerre during the Second Chimurenga was Dzinashe Machingura was a highly respected war commander.