Education and Development in Zimbabwe

A Social, Political and Economic Analysis

Edward Shizha & Michael T. Kariwo



The book represents a contribution to policy formulation and design in an increasingly knowledge economy in Zimbabwe. It challenges scholars to think about the role of education, its funding and the egalitarian approach to widening access to education. The nexus between education, democracy and policy change is a complex one. The book provides an illuminating account of the constantly evolving notions of national identity, language and citizenship from the Zimbabwean experience. Currently, literature on educational challenges in Zimbabwe is lacking and there is very little published material on these ideological effects on educational development in Zimbabwe.


This engagingly written portrayal will prove illuminating not only to readers interested in Zimbabwe's education specifically but more widely to all who are interested in how the sociopolitical shapes education. - Handel Kashope Wright, University of British Columbia


Dr. Edward Shizha is an Associate Professor, Society, Culture, and Environment and Fellow at Tshepo Institute for the Study of Contemporary Africa, Wilfrid Laurier University.

Michael T. Kariwo is originally from Zimbabwe but currently teaches at the University of Alberta, Edmonton.