Ending Civil War

Rhodesia and Lebanon in Perspective

Matthew Preston



Rejecting approaches that emphasize economics or ethnicity, this investigation of the wars in Rhodesia and Lebanon sets out the complex political dynamic - within and between belligerents, civilian populations and neighboring states - that eventually brought each to an end. Above all, it demonstrates the robustness of local agendas in civil wars and the difficulties outsiders face in brokering settlements. With intervention in 'failed states' so high up the international agenda, the message is one that scholars and policy-makers can ill afford to ignore.


An excellent piece of work, which should find a wide readership not only in the disciplines of international relations and contemporary history, but also African and Middle Eastern area studies. - Philip Robins, St. Antony's College, Oxford


Matthew Preston is a Senior Research Officer in the Global Issues Research Group of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.