Every Stone that Turns

Thomas Bvuma



Thomas Bvuma champions a genre of nationalist poetry, rigorous, questioning and always confirming the basic truth that humanity is always in motion and there is no tradition that should imagine itself as “the end of history.” More exciting is his ability to see the challenge to open up the economy to the formally marginalized as a stage in the whole ‘war’ of liberation, sweet but full of contradictions as well. As the title Every Stone That Turn suggests, every nation has its own challenges because under every stone that one may overturn, there are new and different scorpions to be dealt with.


Bvuma’s is an ability to dwell on the light side of the serious, making you want to laugh and cry at the same time. - Memory Chirere, KwaChirere


Thomas Sukutai Bvuma (also known by his pen-name, Carlos Chombo) is a poet and ex-guerrilla fighter. He is a former editor at The Herald.