Facets of Power

Politics, Profits and People in the Making of Zimbabwe's Blood Diamonds

Richard Saunders & Tinashe Nyamunda



The diamond fields of Chiadzwa, among the world's largest sources of rough diamonds have been at the centre of struggles for power in Zimbabwe since their discovery in 2006. Against the backdrop of a turbulent political economy, control of Chiadzwa's diamonds was hotly contested. By 2007 a new case of "blood diamonds" had emerged, in which the country's security forces engaged with informal miners and black market dealers in the exploitation of rough diamonds, violently disrupting local communities and looting a key national resource.


A shocking account of the Marange diamond tragedy which, instead of uplifting the lives of the poverty stricken local people living in one of the most arid regions of Zimbabwe, exposed the ruthless and human nature of a corrupt, selfish and shameless regime. - Rev Dr S. Bakare


Richard Saunders teaches Political Science at York University. His current research involves the political economy of ‘blood diamonds’ in Zimbabwe.

Tinashe Nyamunda obtained a PhD in Africa Studies from the University of the Free State, South Africa, and a BA and MA from the University of Zimbabwe.