Footprints in the mists of time

Spiwe Nancy Mahachi-Harper



A Zimbabwean story like no other.... A story of migration and belonging and heritage, spanning 4 generations that lived through the colonisation of central and southern Africa by Britain. The story of the mostly young men who left what is now Zambia and Malawi to work in the mines and on the farms of what is now Zimbabwe, and whose descendants still bear the label Vabvakure, the people from afar.


This is going to be an important novel for Zimbabwean literature. Zimbabwean fiction rarely puts the migrant and his offsprings at the centre of the narrative. But here is a novel written from their point of view. - Memory Chirere, The Herald


Spiwe Nancy Mahachi-Harper was born in Zimbabwe, and is a teacher by profession, with a diploma in French Culture and Civilization from the University of Potiers, as well as degrees from Hillside Teacher’s College and the University of Zimbabwe.