Forever Let Me Go

Emmanuel Sigauke


Book not available in Zimbabwe.


The poems in this collection deal with issues ranging from life in Zimbabwe and the United States to dreams of flight and the intricacies of ambition. In these poems readers will find depictions of possibilities and impossibilities, flight and stasis and hope and despair. All of which remind us that life is the sum of simple and complex experiences, the obvious and the not-so-obvious, the uplifting and the debilitating.


Forever Let Me go is a collection of poems that you can keep in your library and pull it out at your leisure when you want to be taken on a journey of love, life and nostalgia. - Sarudzai Mabvakure


Emmanuel Sigauke is a Zimbabwean writer based in Sacramento , California where he teaches English at Cosumnes River College. He is founding editor of Munyori Journal.