From Mutapa to Rhodes

Aeneas Chigwedere


The book is out of print.


From Mutapa to Rhodes moves backwards in time from the realms of post-1700 history.


[Chigwedere] is aware that few traditional historians living a hundred miles from Harare would accept his version of Zimbabwe's past. He argues that this is because they have been confused by false historians. In fact, his own constructs are no more objective or permanent but they are a remarkable record of the use that can be made of traditional materials by an urban, literate consciousness to express a contentious view of the present as if it were the inevitable outcome of the past. - David Lan, Journal of Southern African Studies


Aeneas Chigwedere is a Zimbabwean politician, historian, educationist, and traditional leader. He served as the Minister of Education, Sports, & Culture.