From the Frying Pan Into the Fire

Memoir of a Zimbabwean

Judith Mawoko



Told with clarity, humour and insight, From the Frying Pan into the Fire lets us look into the turbulent history of Zimbabwe through the eyes of a native Zimbabwean educator. Born in a rural village in 1965, in what was then Rhodesia, young Judith grew up in a large and extended family of subsistence farmers. She remembers her early years as being carefree, peaceful and close to nature, and looks back fondly on village marriage celebrations, music, and dancing, Like most in her village, she is unaware of the fomenting resentment against white minority rule, which has seen the best farmland handed over to white settlers brought into the former British colony. This heartfelt social history takes us behind the scenes to show how families were separated, villages bombed and strafed, people starved, civilians massacred and indigenous sons forced into the Rhodesian army.


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Judith Mawoko arrived in Canada from Zimbabwe in 2001. She had earned a Bachelor of Education and taught secondary school English for several years before immigrating. She now teaches in Alberta.