Going Places, Staying Home

Rural-Urban Connections and the Significance of Land in Buhera District, Zimbabwe

Jens Anton Anderson



This is about people who spend many hours of their lives on buses, traveling between the rural district of Buhera and Harare, Zimbabwe's capital. Such people are usually designated ˜migrant workers; and, in Southern Africa, their movements have often been studied in demographic terms form a macro perspective. In contrast, the present book comprises detailed studies of the lives of a relatively small group of people. An obvious question, then, concerns the wider relevance of these studies. This problem of generalization is, of course, inherent in any academic enquiry as the popular saying suggests: ˜the academic is somebody who knows a lot about very little.'


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Jens Anton Anderson was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He has taught MSc courses on development sociology an qualitative research methodology.