Grassroots leadership

The process of rural development in Zimbabwe

Claude G. Mararike



The book presents the thesis that to change society we need to understand how society operates, to understand society fully we have to be actively involved in processes that change society. To this extent, development cannot therefore be studied in the abstract! This is an empirical study through participating, listening and learning from the grassroots in whose name projects are constructed and executed. This is a study of what 'trans-formative' and 'instrumental' participation is about. This book looks at Rural Development and the real concerns of 'living people.' Any research about the forces which can exploit, improve liberate people can never be neutral. It should play a crucial role in helping to bring about progressive change.


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Claude G. Mararike, BA, B.Sc. Sociology, M.Phil, is currently a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Zimbabwe.