Gregory of Zimbabwe

A True Story of Overcoming Child Abuse and the Scandal of Diplomatic Immunity

Leonard T. Gries


The book is out of print.


The case of Terrence Karamba sparked national and international attention, with both President Reagan and the President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe making public comments. Terrence was nine years old in December 1987 when he showed up at school bloody and bruised. The eldest son of a Zimbabwe diplomat, Terrence lived on Midland Parkway in Jamaica, Queens, with his three- and seven-year-old sisters, along with his mother and apparently monstrous father. The level of abuse perpetrated upon this child was unthinkable. The New York Times covered the case extensively.


[Gries] offers an intriguing, instructive study of a child abuse case with international implications that briefly entered the headlines in 1987 and 1988. Since the book is apparently from the author's recollections and notes, it lacks sources; citations of press coverage of the case would have been useful. - Publishers Weekly


Dr Leonard T. Gries is an American child abuse expert and former director of Mental Health Services at St. Christopher-Ottilie Services for Children and Families.