Growing up with HIV in Zimbabwe

One Day this will be all Over

Ross Parsons


Book is available in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.


The study explores the lives of children growing up HIV-positive in the eastern Zimbabwean town of Mutare at a time of severe crisis in the state, marked by impoverishment, organized violence and mass death. This ethnography grew out of a psychotherapeutic engagement with a group of children living with HIV. The study examines children's experiences through the institutional domains of family and kin, clinics and other forms of healing, churches and religious practices, and experiences of dying and bereavement.


Provides a detailed and painfully engaging portrayal of the lives of HIV-positive children, with insights essential for assessing existing treatment and care programs. - African Studies Quarterly


Ross Parsons has extensive experience as a psychotherapist, a writer and a social researcher. He lives in Mutare and teaches anthropology and psychology at Africa University.